Plants are very similar to us ? they require good nutrition, lots of wisdom and care in order to grow and thrive. Here at the BIG Shop, we don?t just provide you with the products you need to have the healthiest garden, but also the expert knowledge and aftercare that you will need to grow bigger & better than you ever thought possible. That is the BIG Shop promise.


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The Tuesday Clinic ? Patients wanting to understand how herbs and natural botanicals can help you manage both chronic and normal illnesses and receive some hands-on help can come down to the shop on a Tuesday between 11am-2pm for free advice and counsel. We love you all, you?re all welcome.



anyone else out there, not just because of experience but because it is our passion. Our staff will go above and beyond to help you, make you feel comfortable and advise you on all of your growing needs; regardless of how simple or difficult the question is ? if we can do it for you, we will.


Community Work: We are slowly moving away from just being a store provider and are increasingly becoming active horticulturalists within your community and within the environment. We have a plan to live what we preach, eventually self-sustaining a ZERO carbon footprint and also getting active with charity projects that help those among us who are struggling. We have already been part of the Solace Chilli grow and will continue to educate and involve ourselves with growing projects all around N.I.

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